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8 thoughts on “Request for a Service

    1. Leonardo Post author

      Dear Shani,
      Thank you for contacting Company.

      We have not this item in stock (Max mara 80799), we should order it directly to manufacturer and it takes usually 10/15 days.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Sheila Ingram

    I was requiring about the Jimmy Choo eyeglasses ps Jc 118 vuu.
    If anyway possible you have them in Stock please contact.
    Thank you
    Sheila Ingram

    1. Leonardo Post author

      Hi Sheila,
      Ihave not in stock this model but I can order this by the manufacturer and so it will take 5 days about from the date of the order.For any info ,please contact me.
      Kind regards


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