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11 thoughts on “Reseller Area

  1. Martin

    I would like to become a reseller. i´m in the business for over 20 jears in my shop, and i would like to focus my business online. i´m able to do online marketing and a proffessional shop system, but i need a partner to
    get all the labels. Is it possible to start something like dropshipping, or like mr spexx, a distribution in different area´s?
    Please contact me for further information.

    best regards

  2. Optica Lucas

    We are a portuguese optical shops.
    We would like to know which brands do you trade if there’s a minimum quantity order and the prices for the models.

    Best Regards

  3. Calvin Zhao

    Hi, Sir,

    We are chain boutique owners and we are really interested in your products, please give your feedback to us, email us and to discuss how to work with you. thanks.


    1. gambemi peterson

      bonjour , merci de nous ouvrir un espace client sur votre site et nous envoyer les cordonnées d’accès nous sommes très intéressé par vos lunettes nous sommes des revendeur et nous voulons effectuer nos achat sur votre site merci de nous ouvrir le compte et nous apprendre un peu sur le mode et duree de livraison et le mode de paiement
      palmier d’afrique
      FR 09514212810


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