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If you would like to present a product or publish an article, now you have the opportunity to do so for free on

One condition: The articles, the ads, the news, etc. have to be inherent to the world of optics: glasses, instruments, ophtalmology, fashion, lenses, etc.

The articles should be sent by email to the moderator: , suggesting also the category if it is not available in the blog.

N.B. The moderator has the right to accept or refuse the article, the accepted articles are published on the blog of the appropriate language:

A confirmation will be sent for each approved and published article or presentation.

Have a nice day, the staff

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3 thoughts on “Your publicity on our site!

  1. Peter Szabo-Weinacht


    Aurelia Gircovschi has been thanked for help in a separate letter. Still, I need to say that without it could not have added to the spectacle of two CK, which selected the Giarre website. The fact is that in Hungary the optical shops could not help. I then moved the company Giarre and fortune was chosen Miss Aurelia my help. Because of the bank transfers after more than 30 messages exchanged afternoon the courier arrived at the selected frames. I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that Miss Aurelia attention and cares created this business, the reality is perfectly embodied in the company motto Be friendly!


    my status please help me

    Order Confirmation Number: Q1NTH2-NNA

    Size: 66
    Bridge: 6
    Temples: 135
    432.00 x 1 : 432.00 USD

    suhaimi mohd fauzi
    no 5359-F Jalan Telipot
    15150 Kota Bharu Kelantan
    Malaysia ———-

    465.50 USD

  3. Maria Bamieh

    I just wish to state that I found the Giarre service to be excellent. The staff responded to my emails and requests promptly and kept me informed of the status of my order through out.

    When I got my glasses I was very pleased with them, in fact I loved them.

    Well done Giarre It is good to know that there are good professional companies on line.

    Maria Bamieh


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