For the compensation of myopia is it preferable to use contact lenses or glasses?

One suggestion does not exclude the other. Myopia is corrected just as well with glasses as with contact lenses: a lot depends on the extent of myopia, but surely the vision with contact lenses is much more “open”. In return, contact lenses can not be carried continuously throughout the day, but you should intersperse with the use of glasses that will allow the eye to recover the “oxygen debt” that contracts with the continued use of lenses in contact.

Certainly the use of lenses that the patient wants to do is very important, the Optical should take account of this when he suggests the use of the lenses

Some issues related to contact lenses. Several questions to be answered:

  • Contact lenses are uncomfortable?
  • For the compensation of myopia is preferable the use of contact lenses or glasses?
  • How often should you replace your contact lenses? (In press)
  • You can wear contact lenses also during sleep? (In press)
  • What is the average price of these lenses? (In press)
  • There are also colored lenses? And how is the vision with these lenses? (In press)

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