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12 thoughts on “Cookie Policy

    1. Leonardo Post author

      Hello Birgul Sali,
      unfortunately the model you chose (Oxydo Timeless 4) isn’t available. We don’t sell this brand anymore.

      If you have other questions please write me.


  1. Alejandra

    Hola. Tenéis disponible alguno de estos dos modelos?
    Gucci GG 5010 CS Kids TVD J6
    Gucci GG 5010 CS Kids N80 LJ

    Gracias saludos

    1. Leonardo Post author

      I have not in stock this model but I can order this by the manufacturer.The color N80LJ is discontinued and for the color TVDJ6 it will take 10-15 days about from the date of the order.For any info,please contact me.
      Kind regards

  2. Radouane kalboussi

    I want to order the glasses tom ford FT5346-001 Gold metal
    And is it possible to pay directly by sending money directely to an account and how long does it take to come to greece athens thanks

  3. Jenny

    Cambio lenti.
    Qualità-prezzo veramente più che positivi, oserei dire incomparabili.
    Anche la comunicazione perfetta e soprattutto molto disponibili.spedizione velocissima .
    Grazie . Jenny

    1. Leonardo Post author

      Yes of course Judy.My name is Aurelia and the phone number is 00395751841488.I don’t work Saturday and Sunday.
      For any information,please contact me by E-mail or by phone.
      Have a nice weekend

  4. Stanislav Katrusa


    I own Police glasses model V2976 (color 530).

    ​They cracked glasses and wanted to buy part of the frame. Look at the picture attached. Do you have that part, and how much does it cost?
    Thank you​,

    Stanislav Katruša,

    ​+385 99 776 2822

    1. Leonardo Post author

      Hi Stanislav,
      I’m very sorry but this model is a old model and is discontinued and the manufacturer no longer has the remplacement pieces.
      For any information,please contact me.
      Kind regards


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