Essilor 360° Prices

Essilor 360° Monofocal – Prices List

Transitions® (Brown / Grey)
* Airwear
Plus 1.59 (Policarbonato)
 192.00 EUR  237.00 EUR
* Ormix-1.6  217.00 EUR  267.00 EUR
* Stylis-1.67  227.00 EUR  287.00 EUR
* Lineis-1.74  252.000 EUR  —

* All prices shown in this page are per lens

A new Visual Experience: Here is why essilor 360°

3 thoughts on “Essilor 360° Prices

  1. sonja jensen

    I would like Lindberg frame NOW 6504 C08 Timbel 803 color 30.
    My concern is, how will the progressive lenses fit my eyes, usually the nose pads and timbels needs adjustment on sight at the optricians store when trying out the frame and before the lenses are ordered .
    I love Your prices but the fitting to my face and eyes concerns me.(I do have a precription.)
    Sincerely Sonja, Denmark


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