Lenses: Fashion Tints

Fashion Mirrored tint for Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

The mirror coating helps to reduce glare, deflect envious glances and give you that unique look. Mirrored sunglasses may reflect the world, but they also reflect something about you, the wearer, that’s better left to non-verbal communication. Get your mirrored sunglasses at giarre.com


Mirror Tint Lens Color Classe
 Gold Mirror  Brown  3
 Silver Mirror  G-15  3
 Blue R Mirror  G-15  3
 Water-Blue Mirror  Grey  3
 Iridium  Green  3
 Pink R Mirror Red-Brown  3
 Violet Mirror  Green  3
 Blue I Ghost (light Mirror)  G-15  3
 Silver Ghost (light Mirror)  Grey  3

The mirror coating application on this lens is achieved through an advanced technological process (vacuum process) where superheated metal oxides are fused to the lens at molecular level to ensure a uniform layer.

Backside AR coating

A common problem with sunglasses is called back-glare. This is light that hits the back of the lenses and bounces into the eyes. A backside AR coating is present in our sunglasses lenses and sunglasses prescription lenses it reduce any backside reflection (the surface of the lens nearest to the eye). Coating the backside of the lens with AR coating helps reduce the reflections of light that enter from behind you and bounce off the surface into your eyes. A back-side coated sunglass lens is much more comfortable than an uncoated sunglass lens.

Standard lens tint: filter and prescription lens sun tints.

8 thoughts on “Lenses: Fashion Tints

    1. Leonardo

      Hello Marie,

      yes, most of the sunglasses we have on the website can have prescription lenses.
      Please write me the model you like and your prescription and I will tell you if it’s possible to have prescription lenses.

      You can order the lenses directly on the website (under the picture of the model you like) and we will ship the glasses complete with the lenses.

      Best regards

  1. Philip Vang

    when graduated tint of 75% does that mean that 75% of the lens will change color or does the percentages refer to who dark the lens will be in bright sunshine?



    1. Leonardo

      Hi Philip,
      Graduated tint 75% means that the color is not uniform,so is graduaded and the top of lenses the color is 75% till a light color the bottom of the lenses.This kind of lenses not change the color with the sun.This color is always .
      For any info,please contact me.
      Kind regards

        1. Leonardo

          Hi Philip,
          There are the graduated transition lenses(the color changes) in color grey ,brown or green.This color is a uniform color.For any info,please contact me.
          have a nice weekend

  2. Iain Sutherland

    Hi. I am about to oder Ray Ban sunglasses. I have a very light precription and was going to go for monofocal lenses. Could you please let me know what the “Uniform Tint Grey 70%” means? I assume this is the darkest grey tint I could get? Many thanks.

    1. Leonardo

      Hi Iain,
      The uniform tint grey is not gradient.the all lens has the same color.You can have the dark of 85%.
      For any information,please contact me.
      Kind regards


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