Prescription Lenses: How to Order

Ordering Your Lenses Online:

Whether you choose single vision for reading and distance prescriptions or multi-focals such as progressives, completing your order is as easy as reading your prescription and entering it when selecting lenses.

  1. Select a Frame.
  2. Checkout with Lenses.
  3. Please fill the prescription form.
  4. Choose type of lenses you will need. Single Vision (Far/Close-up) or Progressive Lens (No Line)

If you’re not sure on your prescription or for any Information, You can click here to Contact with a certified optician (we’ll help you out).

Search for frame type, eyeglasses or sunglasses.


Prescription for your lenses & Lens type.


4 thoughts on “Prescription Lenses: How to Order

  1. Barbara Thomas

    Need to get new lens for my glasses. The frames I have are very good .It is a Giorgio Armani & the bottom is on a string of nylon.One of the strings broke .I have the prescription for new lens & the old lens so you can correct any curvature.Can you repair the string & put the new lens into the frame ?Love the light weight frames. thanks for any help.

  2. Shirley Fishwick

    I would like to add to my order progressive lenses if possible. My order #REF9BO-E7W

    Do I need to fill out another form? I sent an email with my prescription. If you need me to fill out another form please let me know.

    Shirley Fishwick


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