Progressive Lenses

Progressive LensesProgressive Lenses
Continuous uninterrupted vision for distance, reading and everywhere in between.
Get 100% Satisfaction: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our Advanced lenses are digitally-customized to your prescription.

  • Tailored to individual Rx requirements.
  • Premium Glare Free Coating included.
  • Optimizes vision with wider corridors and reduced eye strain.
  • The symmetrical design allows for both eyes to work together resulting in effortless vision.

Prescription Lenses: How to Order

If you have any questions about these progressive lenses, please ‘Leave a Reply’ at the end of this page or Contact Us.

4 thoughts on “Progressive Lenses

  1. Mariam Sallau

    My Prescription is as follows:

    Sp Cyl Ax Add
    R PL -0.50 60 +1.50
    L. PL. -0.50 60. +1.50
    I use varifocal progressive lenses and I would like both anti glare and transition lenses.
    Is it possible to order this and do you ship to Nigeria?

  2. John

    I have a pair of Prada frames (rimmed) that I would like to have re-glazed with high quality (e.g. Essilor, Ziess, Nikon) varifocal lenses.

    Can you do this and what will be the likely cost?

    Thank you.


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