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FullTop Lens coatings

fulltopThe Full Top coating is a multi-strate hardened and antistatic anti-reflection treatment: esthetic and without reflections or scratches; the quality of materials can be tested in particular with the applied coatings.

The Full Top anti-reflection coating, with its extralight strates, cancels the disturbs due to the reflection on the surface of the lense. The anti-reflection coating enables an higher transmission of the light; Full Top reaches a transmission of more than 99,5%, so it guarantees a more contrasted vision. That means more contrast and a clear vision without reflections, in the daily use, such as watching TV, working at computer, etc. Another important result is that the eyes aren’t distorted and are more visible, and even their beauty.
This anti-reflection coating Full Top offers excellent advantages, thanks to its incredible features: waterproofness perfect for all the types of fluids, low deposit of rest, high resistance to abrasion.The cleaning of eyewear enters in a new dimension: your lenses remain cleaner for a longer time and easier to clean.

The advantages of the Full Top coating:

  • Trasmission of the light at 99,5%;
  • Waterproofness: water and smudge resistant;
  • Reflected colour green;
  • Easy to clean with cloth;
  • Attracts less dust and dirt: the lenses remain clean for a longer time;
  • Decreasing of the dimming effect of the lense;