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Lens Colouring

The human visual system automatically compensates for the overall colour shift that coloured filters produce. It’s why a photograph of a landscape lit by the setting sun looks much more orange than one remembers it at the time. Lens Technology named this effect Chromatic Adaptation. During the development, scientists measured the residual colour shift created by a specific tint after the “Chromatic Adaptation” had taken place. With that information, a Colour Rendering Index chart for this tint could be created. The Index uses a series of vectors on a colour chart to shows how wearers perceive colour with and without a tinted lens. As the diagram above shows, as long as the post Chromatic Adaptation shift remains within the same colour area, perception of colour remains largely unchanged. Our Lens Technology has developed a range of colors, which make the Chromatic Adaptation easier, enabling the restitution of colors in a natural way.

  • Study by Musée d’Hstoire Naturelle de Paris.
  • Increased comfort through better colour reproduction of the environment.
  • Large range of light absorption in full and graduated tints.
  • Full UV protection for Class 3 and 4 sun tints .

Color Schedule: European Laws


No restriction.
Color not suitable for night driving.
Color not suitable for driving.

Colours table