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Always faithful to its DNA, Diesel has established itself over the years as a true global lifestyle icon. Since its creation in 1978, Diesel has experienced extraordinary growth by evolving into the world of high quality casual clothing, representing a real alternative in the luxury industry. Despite this extraordinary growth, Diesel has maintained the same philosophy as when Renzo Rosso created it, a symbol of passion, subjectivity and expression of his personality.

Since the first collection, Diesel eyeglasses have been designed and produced with the same precision and detail that has made the brand a pioneer in the fashion industry. Even the collection that we present on our site revisits the stylistic codes of the brand with an unconventional spirit and urban appeal, taking up the identifying themes of Diesel DNA in the world. Eye-catching graphic motifs, innovative processes, technical experimentation and the introduction of new shapes and colors, identify the collections of prescription glasses that always stand out for their absolutely authentic, personal and distinctive look.

Despite the growth, Diesel's philosophy has always remained unchanged: a brand that identifies itself with passion, individuality and the possibility of being oneself.

Diesel has never been afraid of doing things differently. From the beginning, the brand has created a robust and rebellious style.

This year's collection of eyeglasses is incredible, you can choose from a wide range of avant-garde styles and colors, for men and women. We can say that as with every season, Diesel glasses anticipate trends.