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The famous Diesel brand has always said that it is enthusiastic to have the opportunity to take on new challenges and to be able to put their expertise in design to good use with each new collection. Today Diesel is the brand leader in a segment where dynamism, innovation and discontinuity are clear critical success factors. Diesel is one of the few true lifestyle brands in the world, with passion, energy and ability to innovate.

An errant tribe becomes the inspiration for this new collection. Andreas Mebostad reinterprets the heritage of Diesel Black Gold and contaminates it with iconic pieces of the unisex wardrobe such as the bomber jacket, the peacoat, the biker jacket and of course jeans.

The collection of sunglasses that we present to you is also democratic and aimed at people of all ages. The proposed models adapt to the specific needs of the wearer: some of the models are unisex and can be worn in their classic or casual version.

The fashion proposed with Diesel sunglasses is a mix between casual and street, blends volumes and overlaps and creates unexpected new silhouettes, managing to outline the fashion of the younger generations. At the same time, however, it will not fail to please even the older people ... those who in the 90s were already wearing the iconic Diesel jeans.

The Diesel philosophy is: passion, subjectivity and expression of the wearer's personality. The Diesel collection has a wide range of models, from square frames, to rock and modern styles interpreted in bright colors.

With a philosophy focused on passion, on the unpredictability of creativity and on pure courage, you wouldn't expect anything less than the best product on the market.

All models are created in soft and muted colors, with details on the temples and "D" inlays at the level of the temples. The most daring sunglasses have important frames or with colored lenses, mirrored if necessary. Diesel also further strengthens the concept of a unisex mask with a large raw-cut nylon lens that gives a rock effect.

Diesel also offers a selection of glasses for younger people.