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The Eyepetizer line of eyeglasses is essential, ultra-light, with a stainless steel frame in gold, gun and silver.

Eyepetizer is a brand born from the idea of ​​three friends (two Italians and one Spanish. A designer, a graphic designer and a copywriter) who, after having found a pair of glasses under the white sand of Ibiza, have decided to change their lives creating Eyepetizer and thus realizing a "color dream".

It is not surprising that the idea was born in Ibiza, given the joyful style of the brand. In fact, Eyepetizer means savoring the taste of a life made of joy and colors and then mixing it with the taste of emotions. Eyepetizer eyeglasses have a young and innovative spirit and a great desire to share precious moments and positive energy. The titanium frames are also colored on the front, so as to give color even to glasses whose lenses are inevitably transparent.

Another element to underline is the packaging, which is truly innovative. It is in fact a box with the appearance of a hardcover and gatefold book. It will leave you speechless!

The products, in addition to being of high quality, must be presented in a beautiful and attractive container.

Eyepetizer can be called a lifestyle, it is joy for the soul. And it is easy to identify in this strong and communicative message, in fact everyone is enthusiastic about these eyeglasses, despite the fact that the models are less numerous than those on their own. Even the celebrities are inspired by Eyepetizer!

The novelties included in the new collection are evergreen models, with a retro taste and contemporary design, with the characteristic conceptual packaging.

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