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The Optics of Free-Form Technology Progressive Lenses.
The use of free-form surfacing to deliver customized progressive lenses is arguably the most meaningful visual benefit of this technology to wearers.

Our eyes change as we get older. It becomes increasingly difficult for the eyes to switch between near and distance vision, the eyes need some assistance. Progressive lenses are the ideal solution here. Because with progressive lenses you don't have the annoying and inconvenient task of changing spectacles.

Quantity 1 = 2 lenses (Right lens + Left lens).


Lente progressiva di Ultima Generazione


Highest Quality Lenses

At we carry the most advanced lenses from Shamir, a world leader for corrective eyewear. Shamir is at the forefront of providing lenses made with innovative technology.

The Shamir Progressive series lens has been designed to offer an expanded field of near vision and improved visual comfort for all vision within arm’s reach.

We use Shamir Glacier PLUS™ UV coating for each of lens Materials

Shamir Glacier PLUS™ UV is a new coating available from Shamir that provides a cutting-edge, glare reducing solution and truly helps to ReCreate Perfect Vision.

  • Improved scratch resistance protects your lenses when it comes to your daily activities.
  • Lenses are easy and effortless to clean.
  • Enhanced anti-static properties repel dust.
  • Protects your eyes with backside UV protection.
  • Dramatically reduces annoying “rainbows”, for a clear view of your eyes.
  • Reduces “visual glare” for a safer driving experience, especially at night.
  • Prevents distracting “cosmetic glare” when someone is looking at you.

For high dioptric values, we suggest your to choose high-index lenses to obtain a better aesthetic result and reduce the thickness of the lens in the frame.

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