Valentine's – Get inspired

Many people see Valentine's Day as a special day to express one's love for another.
The most romantic day of the year is coming – Valentine's Day – Get inspired and find the best the seasons have to offer!


Caroline Abram reveals tangy shades, impulsive and attractive forms.

EYEGLASSES Collection | SUNGLASSES Collection

Glamorous: Of course, but not without personality: perfect for all the charismatic lovers of original glasses.
Made of acetate, metal or a combination of the two, the frames reveal a perfectly mastered design between modern style and retro curves. Perfect for all the charismatic lovers of original glasses.


Glasses that are noticeable, astonishing, sometimes amusing, and that will certainly make you look unique.

EYEGLASSES Collection | SUNGLASSES Collection

Sparkling, colorful and dynamic, Etnia Barcelona glasses cannot go unnoticed. The brand showcases its nonconformist tendencies with its fun and artistic Catalan signature. It employs bright and varied colors on its boldly mixed frames to offer the consumer some of the most original glasses on the market.

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