Caroline Abram reveals tangy shades, impulsive and attractive forms.

EYEGLASSES Collection | SUNGLASSES Collection

Glamorous: Of course, but not without personality: perfect for all the charismatic lovers of original glasses.
Made of acetate, metal or a combination of the two, the frames reveal a perfectly mastered design between modern style and retro curves. Perfect for all the charismatic lovers of original glasses.


And once you try them, you'll never want to own anything else.

SUNGLASSES Collection | EYEGLASSES Collection

Persol is a well-known brand among the stars of Hollywood, from Steve McQueen to Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt or Jack Nicholson.
The subtle branding is only visible to those in the know, making the sunglasses recognisable by the signature silver arrow on the side.


Glasses that are noticeable, astonishing, sometimes amusing, and that will certainly make you look unique.

EYEGLASSES Collection | SUNGLASSES Collection

Sparkling, colorful and dynamic, Etnia Barcelona glasses cannot go unnoticed. The brand showcases its nonconformist tendencies with its fun and artistic Catalan signature. It employs bright and varied colors on its boldly mixed frames to offer the consumer some of the most original glasses on the market.


In a world where people are clamouring for truth and transparency, the urge to be different, to be heard, and to make an impact is more and more intense.

SUNGLASSES Collection | EYEGLASSES Collection

Synonymous with innovation and attention to details, the brand stands out for the quality and originality of its captivating designs,
and commitment to creating products with the highest standards, evolving with the ever-changing technology. A vintage touch combined with contemporary features is the winning combination that has defined us for more than 80 years, leading us to timeless success.


Italian Style expressing Glamour, Femininity & Seduction.

SUNGLASSES Collection | EYEGLASSES Collection

Liu Jo’s style is always refined, glamorous, and open to individual interpretation. Liu Jo is synonymous with modern Italian style. It’s philosophy is devoted to the enhancement of the natural femininity and beauty of every woman. The Liu Jo Eyewear collection reflects the natural femininity and beauty of today’s woman. Different looks coexist harmoniously within the collection, providing her with a frame for every mood.

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