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  • Etnia Barcelona

  • Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona

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Etnia Barcelona

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ETNIA Barcelona

The Etnia Barcelona sunglasses & prescription glasses are characterized by their fresh style. They have a wide variety of colors that allows you to explore your creativity and make various combinations of looks. The models of Etnia Barcelona allow you to emphasize your most creative and original side.

We are reclaiming the kind of imperfection that breaks the mold and challenges stereotypes.

It is the same imperfection that makes us unique and authentic. We need no convincing embrace our differences rather than hiding them, proudly turning them into a mark of our identity. Always loyal to ourselves, and feeling comfortable even in the discomfort of looks. Because it’s only when you stop searching for perfection that you find the truth.

  • David Beckham

David Beckham

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David Beckham Eyewear is making history

Inspired by David Beckam designed in Italy, a new future Iconic collection of sunglasses and optical frames influenced by one of the most attractive person offering retro-timeless style.

Special pieces, vintage-inspired frames with contemporay details that make statement.

Eyewear by David Beckham, glasses that would never go out of history, glasses for all those who want to leave the mark on.


Calvin Klein frames for man and women, creates distincitve eyewear by smart design choices.

CK eyewear has used the highest quality materials and technologies to create sophisticated frames for both man and women, who will find a lot to like in a wide range of product that includes round frames, tortoise shell patterns, clear glasses, aviator shades and other top popular eyewear styles.

Are you looking for the best? Do not miss it.

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