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Silhouette company produces and sells sunglasses also with the licensed brand Adidas Eyewear. Adidas focuses on innovative technologies as well as on craftsmanship. The entire development process, from the idea to the finished product, takes place in Linz, Austria. Each model requires an average of 200 processing steps, of which around 80% is still done by hand. Whether it's high-tech titanium, extremely durable and corrosion-free, or SPX, light, flexible and stable, Adidas uses the finest materials.

Adidas sunglasses are developed and manufactured following the principles of perfect visibility, excellent visual protection, excellent fit and resistance, to meet the most diverse needs of sportsmen. Adidas sunglasses are an essential piece of sports equipment that helps improve performance. Adidas sunglasses have a perfect adherence to the face and an adjustable shape: these features are important for sports glasses as much as resistance, protection and the best filter. All this creates the performance glasses of Adidas Eyewear.

The models we offer speak to the consumer with a sporting spirit, offering a dynamic form and the maximum field of vision, thus allowing users to express their sporting lifestyle both on and off the field.

“The Adidas sunglasses collection for men and women offers the advantages of true sports performance in the ophthalmic sector and offers the appearance, practicality and reliability that will quickly make this collection essential for the lifestyles of sports enthusiasts"says Rocky Fresh, brand manager of Adidas Eyewear USA.

With these models you can see better, stay focused and relaxed, thanks to protection from dangerous sun rays and other external influences such as dirt, rain and wind. Furthermore the highly resistant materials give life to glasses made to last.
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