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The Zino Davidoff group is a family company based in Switzerland and has grown organically over the years right from the Swiss headquarters. The founder, Zino Davidoff, is the heart of the brand and inspires everything the company creates: its collection of products reflects its natural elegance and appreciation for quality, style, authenticity and good living. The name Davidoff is now synonymous with fun, timeless style, good life, humility and joie de vivre.

For Davidoff, the definition of true luxury lies in the privilege of consciously living life in all its facets and of fully enjoying every moment of it. The passion to embrace all new things and the constant search to achieve maximum perfection further emphasize this belief: life is too precious to compromise - only the best is good enough! This is exactly the spirit with which the company creates its Davidoff sunglasses.
The concept for the new and exclusive collection that we present to you was to create a selection of luxury glasses with particular attention to the unmistakable design, the sober elegance and the high quality material combined with a refined workmanship. All these exceptionally exclusive and luxurious frames are made of titanium.

The company works with the best available materials: titanium, high quality stainless steel and acetate in combination with real wood and leather. It also works with very precious materials such as real gold and precious stones for the Davidoff Prestige collection. It is the combination of these high-end materials, experience, craftsmanship, dedication to quality and internal control of all these production phases that make Davidoff glasses so special.

Minimalist design, elegance and sobriety are the key concepts of the frames signed by Davidoff. Each model is the result of a study of shapes and materials, but also an expression of a philosophy of life: to savor every moment. True luxury is to live each experience with passion.
The men's sunglasses of the brand reflect these values ​​and focus on quality and materials as a fundamental elements of their models, without, of course, omitting the added value of craftsmanship, attention to detail, innovation and uniqueness.