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The most famous shoe designer, Jimmy Choo was born in Malaysia, but his shoes soon won over audiences around the world.

Jimmy Choo is synonymous with sensuality, considered a must for shoes addicted, today he is definitely one of the most known and appreciated shoe manufacturers in the world.

The brand is also an icon of accessories, it is positioned in the top end market with collections of acetate and metal sunglasses that we now present on our website.

This Jimmy Choo collection was created to reflect all the values that have allowed the high fashion brand to become a leading figure in the fashion sector in the past 20 years. For this reason, all the products in this collection are of the highest quality and are full of unique and vibrant design and color combinations that only Jimmy Choo is able to offer.

These sunglasses, mainly dedicated to women, but with a small selection of glasses dedicated to men, are all made with top quality materials and with great attention to detail. The distinctly round frames are made of Italian acetate and contain shaded lenses - both of these characteristics make them suitable and very practical for daily use, season after season.

In fact, Jimmy Choo sunglasses are, in essence, extremely practical. However, they do not forget that they are also aesthetic creatures.

The sparkle of these sunglasses will allow you to truly experience a sense of Hollywood glamor - once these glasses rest on your nose, you will immediately be transformed into magnificent "Hollywood ready" fashion goddesses.

Some Jimmy Choo sunglasses models have glitter on the ends, for an even more glamorous touch.