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Shamir Glacier Plus UV IR

The leading lens coating now with IR protection

Infra-red light can be harmful.

Infra-red light is energy that produces heat. It is used in the food industry's ovens to heat our food. When it arrives from the sun, it heats our eyes. The body has a natural defense mechanism against overheating. However, when the eyes are bathed in strong sunlight, the natural mechanism cannot cope and the eyes are in danger of damage. What's more, infra-red sunlight becomes even stronger when reflected off surfaces such as water, snow, sand or pavement, then our eyes need protection.

The Solution: Shamir Glacier+ UV IR™

With the understanding that the sunlight we enjoy can also be a hazard to our eyes, we need protection from more than the sun's UV rays. Infra-red light from the sun can damage our eyes. That's why Shamir now introduces Shamir Glacier+ UV IR™ - the lens coating that provides extra layers of protection.

Shamir Glacier+ UV IR™ provides up to 3 times more protection than any other standard lens by filtering the IR radiation. Comparative performance of Shamir Glacier Plus lens coating, and the new Shamir Glacier+ UV IR.

Benefits of Shamir Glacier+ UV IR™

  • Comprehensive UV protection
  • Improved anti-reflection
  • Enhanced antistatic properties
  • Hydro- and oleo-phobic
  • Durable
  • NEW infra-red light protection